Your business is unique and requires a customized payment processing solution specific to your industry; whether it’s retail, food and beverage or an e-commerce business. Each Processor, Gateway, POS System, Customer Support or Customer Relationship Management, is hand-selected specific for your business’ needs.
PMP offers full-management, ‘above and beyond’ services; ensuring smooth Payment Gateway Integration, helping you to become PCI Compliant, offering your business Real-Time Reporting, analyzing your Monthly Statements, Reconciling your business’ bank account, Auditing all fees and charges and many more Management Tools for your business.
Pure Merchant Processing works closely with many Payment Processors, Virtual Terminal Payment Gateways and sophisticated Point of Sale Systems; each designed and tailored for just what your business needs. These systems are equipped with Customer Management Software and much more. For high-risk or recurring billing merchant accounts, we work with 3rd party Chargeback Reduction Tools that will decrease your chargeback intake, and ensure your merchant account(s) continue to process and fund your business. Whether it’s a full Customer Support Service in need or just Live Chat, we can help tailor your website with the right partner to ensure every customer’s needs are met, efficiently.