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Not everyone uses spreadsheets just for crunching numbers, and that’s where Smartsheet comes in. If you find yourself using spreadsheets to keep track of a project and manage progress reports, for example, Smartsheet is likely your best option. The UI feels more "traditional" than the ribbon-like interface Microsoft has adopted over the past decade or so. You can customize the entire interface to display only the functions you’re interested in, and there’s a full set of keyboard controls for navigating the app quickly.

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If you want to move the cell cursor one cell to the right after data entry, press Tab or the right arrow key to complete the entry. To enter data in a cell in Excel 2010, you select the cell, type the data, and press Enter. You also can click the Enter button in the Formula bar to enter data.

There’s almost nothing you can’t track using spreadsheet software. CCleaner, Revo Uninstaller and SlimCleaner all include clean-up routines and utilities to uninstall programs and manage hard drives. Such programs were popular with Windows XP users, but they’re not as useful with Windows 10, unless you need to recover some disk space in a hurry. If so, they’ll delete old logs, cookies, temporary internet files and so on.

  • An interesting feature in this Excel alternative is that in Numbers, a new document does not begin with an endless grid but a plain sheet.
  • It allows you to choose fonts, style cell borders, and move everything around the canvas.
  • The result – a clear sheet with charts that are a pleasure to look at.
  • So they created Numbers for Mac to be the Apple alternative to Excel.
  • And of course in the process offering an alternative to the free Google Spreadsheet.

Teachers can use spreadsheets to keep track of marks given for homework and recording exam ePSXe results. Financial institutions which are having difficulty weaning themselves from the convenience and simplicity that spreadsheets offer are looking for possible control solutions. Essentially, they want to find ways that allow them to continue using these UDAs and yet somehow eliminate the? But there are more than a few drawbacks to using spreadsheets for these tasks, and the sooner bank executives realise these, the sooner they can adopt better solutions.

Whether you’re looking for an Excel alternative, or just want to know what kind of free spreadsheet software is available, we have you covered. We tested almost 30 of the most popular spreadsheet apps—from the simplest to the most powerful—and here we’ll present the eight best. They can host your to-do list, help you reach your goals, and lead you to make better decisions.

LibreOffice is very user-friendly in its approach, with native support for Excel files and a healthy number of templates to save time. But with so many spreadsheet apps, you want to find the one that’s right for the kinds of tasks you’ll be tackling.

Just make sure you have backups, that you know all your log-on IDs and passwords, and that you’ve saved your browser tabs with, for example, Session Manager. Windows 10 already includes almost everything the average PC user needs, with three different types of software. Third, there are in-browser programs that work with your log-on email address, which is your Microsoft Account. They also use spreadsheets to work out queuing times and what are the best number of checkouts to have open at any one time during the day. Supermarkets use spreadsheets to keep track of finances i.e. sales, losses and money spent.