Knowledge Base – Amazing Features Of PGT Free On iOS And Android Phones That Nobody Knows [Part 2]

The Evie Launcher is the least customizable of the lot. You can change the icon color, font, and size of the Ap15 launcher, and that’s about it. The Pro version let’s you set up advanced rules around app usage and icon size and set background patterns, too.

  • If you know any other unique Android launcher apps please let us know.
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  • to the name of the icon you just created if necessary.
  • You can change the look and feel of your Android phone to something more Microsoft friendly.
  • Now the application supports integration with many Microsoft services, including calendar and email.
  • Emerald Launcher is a free open source Android launcher app.

Now a list appears of all apps, which are currently running on current time are top on the list. Now here you check which app you are not using but that app still running in the background. Here we talk about POCO F1 general problems and solutions which you face in daily day to day life. Here POCO is a separate brand who make phones for you according to you. Why Xiaomi goes with sub-brand and why they named POCO.

How To Set Nova Launcher As Default Launcher In Android

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, and Note 4, both running TouchWiz. Both feature the Google Search widget in the center, with the app drawer button on the right side, a placement unique to TouchWiz. Photo by Adriana Lee for ReadWrite.TouchWiz also offers users the Multi Window feature, which puts running apps on-screen side by side. It’s a nice addition that gives Samsung an edge in terms of productivity and multitasking. TouchWiz’s Easy Home launcher features even BIGGER ICONS. Image via Android Stack Exchange.Samsung also has its own take on Google’s voice recognition. It’s also possible to install the Google Now launcher on other phones for a stock Android-like experience.

All of us generally use the word Android launcher, but very few amongst us might be aware of the exact literal meaning of this word. Android launchers are the application that will allow you to customize your home screen and add additional functionality to it which will best suit the device and user experience. The launcher comes with three cool features among others. One is the personalized feed on the left side of the home screen where you get a bunch of things such as recent apps, tasks, sticky notes, screen time, and news.

Embryo Testing: The Difference Between Pgt

Going to Swipe Actions from folders takes a bit of getting used to at first, but they quickly come around as a pretty fantastic alternative. It gives users the benefit of being able to quickly tap on an app for instant access, but if they want to see more apps on their home screen, all it takes is a quick swipe to the right. To be perfectly honest, it’s hard to imagine going back to regular folders after using Swipe Actions for so long. The Nova Prime app is just an unlocker for all the features in Nova Launcher.

Battery life span is an important criteria to look at when you are about to buy a phone. However, if you already brought one and found out that it has battery issues, you might need some advice. Smartphones are essential for our daily activities, and it is a struggle to keep its performance and battery like new. However, there are instances that its battery becomes unhelpful with the important tasks. When the worry strikes, you ask yourself, “why is my battery draining so fast in Android? Nova Launcher is by far one of the most popular Android launchers available on Google Play.