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System administrators use network monitoring software to identify bottlenecks, slow spots, malicious threats and overall server performance. Users can find issues before they become serious problems and receive alerts when the network is experiencing problems. This software is also used to gauge metrics such as response time and server uptime.

Spiceworks, for example, offers a freely available network monitoring platform, but displays ads within the software and charges fees for premium features. Businesses should also consider options provided within the website monitoring directory to better understand the solutions that are available.

Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor

  • If your computer has wrong or low resolution, then the chances are that there is a problem with your graphics driver.
  • But with Driver Booster installed on your PC, you don’t have to worry about that.
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  • As the name suggests, the unique exclusion feature of Driver Booster allows you to choose the drivers that you want to give special attention to.

Digital transformation is revolutionizing network operations and it will not be long before advanced automation tools become standard features of network management solutions. Advanced automation, however, is just a prelude to an even bigger innovation–the rise of autonomous networks. Network management tools can comfortably Hangouts update monitor dozens and even hundreds of nodes. However, as the network scale expands it can become difficult for the platform to achieve complete visibility across the entire network.

Sagemcom NetGuru is a network management software that can help you set up and manage your home network, assist in wireless connectivity, and share resources among PCs. It also comes with a task wizard that will show your connection speed and identify problems in your network. It will also give you a status report of your security features such as anti-virus and firewall. If you like network management software that can help you identify which computer in your network is using all the bandwidth, Bandwidth Monitor 2 is the right application for you.

Simply install this application in all the PCs in your network and it will provide you with valuable information such as bandwidth used per PC, total bandwidth used, and others. In either case, agent-based or agentless, there are several aspects that we look at when scoring these solutions. In many cases, support and documentation play a significant role, but there are also cases where the interface is clearly lagging behind other systems in the same class. One of NetFlow Analyzer’s standout features is how it enables users to monitor their network on the go. The software solution has a mobile application for iPhones, which allows business owners and system admins to keep track of the LAN WAN traffic from any location.

The solution is to upgrade to a superior tool that can centralize management of multiple instances of infrastructure to provide sweeping control and visibility across the entire network expanse. You can use a central computer to manage even large network environments and thus save time. Plus, you can give your IT providers direct access to the data they need.


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